Why is he always mad?

I am trying to be civil with my ex so we can get everything sorted out like who gets what. It seems everything I say offends him. I feel like I have to walk on eggshells. We split up because he cheated on me. It's not like I did anything to him.


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  • He's bitter and angry at himself, yet he's projecting it on you. Typical victim mentality that wonders out loud why you won't just "forgive him" and pretend like everything is fine. A guy at my work did the same thing to his wife, and after she refused to go back to him, he turned it around like she was the bad person. Yeah, right.

    Depending on how much you need to get, do your best to be civil and ignore his tantrums. If he's to the point where you just don't want to deal with him, then maybe it's best to count your losses and tell him to keep it and shove it all up his ass.

    Or, you could also tell him you're just trying to get what's yours and you would appreciate it if he could behave like an adult until you're out of there, and then he can act as immature as he wants.

    You didn't do anything to him at all, therefore you owe him nothing. Stay calm, stay civil, but stand firm on not being pushed around by his manipulative ass.


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  • Because he never expected this reaction from you!:) He probably thought you'd be miserable yet your handling it so well;) you go girl!


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  • oh well... if he gets offended... y u talk 2 him anyway? o_O


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