When should someone move on?

I lost someone 27 DEC. 08 - my friends and family all tell me to move on - but the pain is still very real and sometimes I feel nothing; not care, hope, love, literally nothing at all and my mind turns into a blank screen only showing transparent images of her if anything at all.

I got out 'alive' but now I don't see much of a reason for having done so. All I can say is someone set us up - I can't say details but... the memory of holding her in my arms - sometimes when I am alone, or just doing anything, I still feel like she is beside me sometimes even I think I see her - I ran through a store recently when I thought I saw her but no one where there when I got to the end of the flowers section, she always loved them.

I know not to cry because it isn't something she'd want me to do; and recently I've been bleeding from my nose and having pains in my chest - but it's nothing the doc's say. Could holding onto her be literally killing me?
When should someone move on?
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