Best friend hanging out with ex?

My ex and I recently had broken up, throughout the breakup, my best friend (female) had more or less playing both sides of the fence. Asking me for information that come to find, she already had through talking with my ex. And in some cases, knowing things that I didn't even know, not that it would have been any of my business to begin with. While I certainly understand that it is by no means my place to say who can and cannot be friends, I DID ask my best friend how she felt about the situation prior and during the break up, my best friend had said that she and my ex weren't really that close. I then asked if maybe while going through the break up and until my ex and I get to a point where we were on some kind of good terms to cool it on the talking and hanging out. This obviously didn't happen. The way I see a break up is someone ends the relationship, meaning they no longer want to be a part of your life, thus, cutting all ties is a part of that. So now I am feeling a total lack of respect from both individuals, as well as a lack of loyalty from my friend. Haven't even heard from my friend for almost three weeks now. Should I even be conflicted by this or just let it go and cut both off? Any wisdom would is appreciated.
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I should add that due to all of this, I don't really feel as though I can even talk to my friend about anything or trust that what I say is in confidentiality.


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  • If you cannot trust your friend anymore then they are not really your friend. Friends are people who are there for you, who you can trust and talk to, who make you happy and are fun to be around and vice versa. If you feel that your friend has betrayed that trust and is playing games like this then I find that a little immature and I would simply move on from both.

    True friendship is hard to come by but it is so amazing and you deserve someone who actually fulfills that role. Someone who will reciprocate an actual friendship.


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