I have blocked my ex off Facebook, do you think this is childish?

Its been 5 months since he split up wih me, i did find it hard at first but manage to get over it in a couple of months after not speaking to him, spending more time with my friends and focusing on my career. But in the last 3 weeks he started messaging me again saying he misses me and wants to apologise how it ended etc. I've chosen to ingore it and finally block him off my Facebook so he can't bother me. Do you think im being a bit childish todo this? Do you think i should of replied to his messages?


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  • Do you still like him at all? if not, then no need to worry about blocking him...

    • Apart of me still does, i do miss the good times we had but with him messaging me things saying he regrets breakin up etc is not fair on me. I was doing so well before he started talking to me and it has brought the emotions back again.

    • yeah, i know how you feel... I've had the same with my ex the last few months, she cheated on me with this 40 year old guy she worked with after 5 years together, this was two years ago. she came to stay at mine for the weekend last month, we slept together, then the next weekend she went off with the guy she cheated on me with... Apparently they aren't together but that's what she said last time she cheated on me. I still have feelings for her but i think some things are better left alone. Can i ask why you guys broke up?

    • Ahh that really bad :( sorry to hear that! We were together for only a year, he's 5 years older than me. We had such a good relationship, we did so much.. went down to cornwall beach for long weekends, went on loads of road trips. But he broke up with me out of he blue on new years eve, saying he has issues of not knowin what he wants and he didn't want a relationship anymore. " I have commitment issues and i just want to have my space, it was nothing you did... you were great but I've just lost interest in the relationship"... Then 5 months later texts me asking to go on meal to apologise how it ended etc... but i dot think i should give him the time of day.

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  • no because if he really wanted to speak to you he would do so in person, it's all breqdcrumbs and it's not childish at all.. you did the right thing

    • Ok thank you, thats a good point. I feel like i have done the right thing so i can forget about him

    • He dumped you he has no right to fish for info from you which he is doing, he's probably just been dumped himself so looking for an ego boost.. if he was sincere he'd be on his hands and knees at your door.. he isn't so yeah forget about him

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  • Out of sight out of mind is the way to go


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  • not childlish at all... cutting all ties is always the best way to go.
    you already know what he's going to say to you, there's no sense in putting yourself through anymore pain and suffering for him to just repeat himself...
    you're doing the right thing :)


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