You ever breakup with someone under good terms and still love them?

Like if the two of you broke up because you realize your situation wasn't working out but you two still have feelings, do the feelings go away eventually or do they linger forever? I feel like you'll find someone new but those feelings never go away because nothing bad has happened between you two. Has something like this ever happened with you?


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  • i haven't, no. but i've seen people end on good terms... didn't stay friends because it's not that easy...
    but i suppose it can be done.
    as long as you're happy and they're happy...

    • I'm trying to breakoff from my girl because I realize its not going to workout but I still very much care for her. She is reluctant to, she understands its better for her but she doesn't want to. My only thing is that I kinda don't want someone else to snatch her up but I know its better she has someone else. I just want to be able to keep in touch and not be forgotten

    • you have to be willing to accept that she might move one... that's why i don't think it's easy to do. you might get hurt... :(

    • Yeah true. When I did try to breakup with her though she said that she didn't want to end it, so that makes it harder for me to end things, especially since nothing bad has happened between us.

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  • yup... otherwise... it wouldn't b "good terms" bro ;-)

    • Are you saying you'd still love em?

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    • Wouldn't finding someone else push those feelings out though?

    • i don't know bout others... but personally i'd still :-)

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  • Every partner I've had I still have feelings for. Not love but affection for sure.

    I've broken up with someone I loved more than once on in terms. It takes time to move on but it will happen.

    • Think we are both afraid of uncertainty but I guess you are right

  • The feelings go away after a while.


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  • Absolutely. One of my closest friends is an ex and we are very close. Breakups don't have to always be a bloody train wreck.


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