Trying to decide what my last move should be with this girlI've been seeing that is distancing herself?

We've been going out for a month, but I haven't asked her to be exclusive even though there were moments where I could've and regret not doing so. We've slept together and told each other how much we like each other, but suddenly things have gone south and I have to initiate any kind of contact, as she's very distant and barely responds to anything. I really don't want to just stop talking, but not sure what my last step should be. It feels like there's a 50/50 chance that she's either in a low spot and doesn't want to do much with anyone, or just disinterested in me personally. But since she won't open up I feel like it's the latter.

I either want to:

1. Wait to see how she feels sometime next week since she said she isn't up for doing anything right now but might be more available after Monday.

2. Ask straight out if she wants me to leave her alone and stop seeing each other.

3. Drop her every way I can, and quit initiating contact.


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  • as i told u...#2 bro ;-)


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