Why does my ex want to know if I'm seeing someone?

My ex boyfriend broke up with me 3 months ago and he has contacted me a few times since and then he started ignoring me when I would contact him so I text him one last time telling him I never wanted to talk to him again and a month went by and then I get a call from him but I missed it I tried to even call him back but he didn't answer.

2 weeks went by then he calls me and we talk for a bit and then he hung up on me when I was telling him about some tv show, I didn't even try to call him back I left him alone.

Then 2 days ago I get a call from him he wanted to know how I was doing and we had a good conversation and we laughed. He asked if I was seeing someone and I hesitated and he said "what you think I'm going to get mad" then I said no I'm not seeing anyone and he said "I want you to find someone because I'm too much work and I just want you to be happy"

Why is he calling me when he broke up with me and why ask me if I'm seeing someone?


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  • Because he still have feelings for you but knows that the two of you can't really work out


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  • Sounds like he's torn. He still has feelings for you, but he wants you to move on, but he gets aggravated, etc. He's obviously still interested to a certain extent because he's still contacting you. And, you answer his calls so maybe there's still an interest on your part too?


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  • He probably has not moved on yet.


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