I am going round and round in circles?

i've been going around in circles with my ex boyfriend for the past 4 years, each time it ends with the same result and every time he tells me he cannot really stop talk to me unless i do him something. so i disrespect him in public two times thinking oh this will be it. I just end up sorry for lowering my standards like that. the second offence lasted for six months then out the blue he messaged me because he thought something was wrong with me cause i wasn't at work. okay i told him i'm fine cause he actually seek me out at work n ask me about. i didn't communicate to him after. but now he is messaging me often even though i don't respond he will say things like ' i can message him anytime i want, i don't have to wait for him to message me first. he will try talk to me at work i will not respond thinking he will get the hint, but that still ain't working. i am at a lost as to what to do about it cause i don't want to contact him.

He already moved on cause he have a girlfriend and is pregnant at the moment yet he keep doing this. i already made my peace with him n move on as well, i don't communicate with him but he is communicating with me. that's like invading somebody privacy. i am so vex if i ignore his message he calls n if he can't get me when he sees me at work he will have the audacity to asks me if i get his message or see him calling me and he will even take it n just show up the section where i work took a seat n spin around my chair says he is here now which means i should talk to him.

If i asks him what he is doing here he will reply oh i can't tell him where to sit or be. its very frustrating to me and stressful and i am getting fedup. every time i stop talk to him its a problem he don't like i tell to not communicate with me. i've complain and confide in people i can trust in the department n all they doing is just smiling, laughing which leaves me more miserable and drained. this is going on for years how do i stop this.


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  • Block his number and let it go it's a no good cycle that will never end been there. End all contact and move on. Seriously consider a new job out if sight out if mind my dear. He just wants attention that he's not getting at home and he wants to keep you hooked but is he thinking as he sleeps next to his pregnant girlfriend at night so he isn't let him go.


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  • Just completely cut him out of your life

    • i did that for the past six months no communication not even when i wanted to tell him sorry i know he would have used it as n excuse to message me. so i was on sick leave he call n message me i still did't respond, so i i went back to work that's when he invade my privacy. we both work for the same company. so we both see each other at wrk, but i don't talk to him he will seek me out n ask y ain't responding to his message or call and we need to talk. i get so fedup i told his mother and his girlfriend to tell him leave me alone he ain't he did not heed what they say, he says nobody can tell him what to do and who he like he like.

    • Then maybe tell your employer if you have proper rules in your office or the police. You need to watch out for your safety.

  • Just cut him off!


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