Is it easy to move on after 7 years?

Hi… is it easy for someone to move on after 7 years. I was with my boyfriend for 7 years we broke up as he was cheating on me i believe physically and emotionally. He still talks to the girl he cheated on me with. I just dont seem to understand how his moved on so quick:(


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  • He had probably already lost interest in the relationship a long time ago, and while you two were still together. I'm guessing that's why he cheated - he didn't really want to be with you anymore but either didn't want to admit it or wanted you to be the one who ended it (some people like to believe that doing bad things to get their SO to break up with them makes them a nicer person because they aren't the ones breaking it off).

    • Yh i herd that but i broke it off 2 3 times because we were having problems and he always came back wanting me back. This time i broke it of as i saw a few things. He stills messages me here and there. Just dont seem to understand. He said he wants freedom and wants to be single. Would be regret it?

    • Um, probably not. Do your best to forget him and move on.

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  • if he was cheating on you then he was moved on beore your relationship was over...
    he's a jerk. not worth your time...
    you deserve better than that...7 years is a really long time... i can only imagine how hard it will be for you to move on... but once you do you'll feel so good... like coming up for fresh air. just stay positive!

  • He moved on before it ended sweetheart. No it's not easy but getting out their is the best way to get there :)


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