IS it bad to answer my ex boyfriend calls?

He broke up with me 3 months ago and he did it through a text and I was so heart broken. He then called a few times after the break up to tell me he still loved me and wanted to be friends but I told him I couldn't anytime soon because I still loved him and needed time to get over that and I needed to distance myself from him but after telling him that he still contacted me a couple of times more and confused me and then when I would question him he would ignore my texts or calls.

I had to tell him again that I didn't want to talk to him and a months goes by then out of the blue he calls me and I answer because I miss him but all he wants to know is how I'm doing. The problem is after hearing his voice I feel sad all over again because I still love him.

Should I continue to answer his calls?


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  • You should absolutely not answer any of his calls or even read any of his texts. You told him multiple times you needed to be left alone, and he doesn't seem to respect that. After all, he's the one who broke up with you via text, which is very disrespectful in itself, so the least he could do is abide by your wishes to just stay away and move on.

    I'm sure as time goes by, you could say hi to him if you ran into him out somewhere, but the whole "let's be friends" thing is kind of bullshit to me, because usually at least one person wants more and all the person who broke up the relationship is doing is providing false hope for the other's broken heart.

    I'm not sure what his agenda is, and if he doesn't have one other than just to say "hi" then he must not be very bright, because he should realize he hurt you, you're still hurting and really need time and space so you can heal and move on.

    If he can't seem to understand any of that, then he doesn't deserve any of your time or thoughts.


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  • I don't think you should.


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  • I'm not sure he still has feelings for you, or if he does they seem confused or unreliable. Why break up with you in the first place if he loves you? I've never known any guy that broke up with a women that he loves and is attracted to, especially if the women loves him back. It's just not something a guy would do. Based off the stuff you said it sounds more like manipulation ESPECIALLY since he also knows that you still care/miss him. At the least be careful getting involved before you know his true intentions.

  • guess he still ahve feelings towads u then... if u don't just tell him :-)


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