Should I contact my ex while in town to catch up?

It's been a year now.. I didn't want to split but she did. Circumstances were either she moves out with me and get disowned by her mom and drop her free college ride or we reconnect later on. We cut contaCT to try n move on. Things got messy at the end and we fought a lot but ended up sending each other letters to say goodbye. She didn't think I cared at all for her and used her. I think I changed her opinion about that in my letter. But she did mention in the letter hopefully we can try this again when we have our shit together. I've been with other girls and everything and at peace with the decision but I do still care about her and love her just as a Person.

I'm flying back in town for a week for summer from my college. She knows I live in the dorms and stuff I'm hoping she just doesn't think I only want sex from her. Good or bad idea? Don't plan to even have sex with her tbh.
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