How do guys feel about seeing their ex who dumped him?

We were together two months I dumped him because he was ignoring me for a week yet trying to hang out with girls and I thought he would end up dumping me. Now I saw him at a party and he won't even look in my direction. Why?


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  • You dumped him, you hurt his ego...
    Good for you :)

    • Also, another one is you dumped him, maybe he has too much self respect/dignity to chase after you..
      Though it's odd not even a polite hello from him

    • He was being a dick that's why I dumped him. I didn't want to but felt I had to.

    • I would guess he expected you to chase him/hang around as a back up..
      So the fact you just walked away with no drama, would of really hurt his ego

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  • He's probably still bitter towards you

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    • He pushed me away. For almost two weeks he was barely talking to me and acting so cold. I was crying every day. And he was making excuses yet wanted to hang with girls and not his girlfriend. That's so hurtful

    • Well it just seems like he continues to be distant with you. He doesn't care for you at all. He just doesn't bother. You are better off without him

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  • Umm... be cause you dumped him. No one likes that.
    You only went out for a couple months.
    Delete him and move on.


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  • I think you did the right thing. Now forget about him. Who cares about why


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