Why did ex text me out of the blue after telling me to delete his number?

Ex and I have been dating on and off for a year and he finally broke up with me 7 months ago. I was so hurt and broken. Before we dated, i was already debating if I should move back to Cali so my son can grow up around family (my son from a previous relationship). A month after the breakup, I decided and proceeded to move back to Cali. During my process of moving, he texted me happy birthday, happy Thanksgiving, wishing me a safe flight and asked if i made it to Cali ok. When I got to Cali, I already have it in my head that it was really over but he kept texting me. Found out he still wanted me in his life... as friends. my feelings were still strong and the break up was still fresh so i told him that we can't be friends and told him to delete my number and dont contact me anymore. 5 months passed with no contact and i was ok agaiN so i reached out to him to see if we can try to work things out or just be friends. He was cold and he was angry and told me to delete his number. I told him that I will respect his wish and never contacted him again. A month later, he texted me happy mothers day. Why did he text me after being angry and telling me to delete his number? He seemed to have moved on based on his social media, posting up pics of girls, flirting and such. Please shed some light.


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  • I don't know


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