Why would a ex ask for sex 24/7 but I always say no for the past month & a couple of weeks. so he adds me on snapchat & post on story this girl twice?

help its been a year and 6 months since we have been broken up but we would on and off do the whole 2am calls during the summer a lot, well I would give in and I ask him why do you call me an nt someone elde and he says because im comfortable with you...


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What Guys Said 1

  • Not sure what you're asking or wanting to be told. He gave you the answer loud and clear

    • I understand that but why would he add me on media to post pictures of this girl cause I haven't gave it up to him or cause he wants a reaction from me?

    • "Because I'm comfortable with you"

      You're over analyzing his motIves. He likes you and other girls.

What Girls Said 1

  • he's using you for sex...
    cut him off...

    • Why would you tell someone you don't know to cut him off. . Maybe she's into it

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