How should I treat my ex crush when I see him at my friends graduation party?

So me and coworker used to mess around and I recently go fired. I noticed he never hits me up anymore or checks to see if im okay. I text him last week to see how he was doing he was giving me dry ass answer. My friend is having a graduation party next month and I know im going to see him there.


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  • simply say just "hi"/... then don't talk 2 him during party :-)

    just a "hi"'s enough in my opinion ;-)


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  • well if he can't even bother to text you to see how your doing every once and while, especially after what happen.. I don't think he deserve the chance to even be noticed at this party. if you see him, yeah I guess you could say hi, but tbh I wouldn't. just have fun and worry about yourself, your friends & your night. and if he tries to say something then you should know what he really wants.


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