My ex keeps contacting me.

my girlfriend dumped me after a couple of years being together. Yes things hadn't been the same for a while and I missed all the signs.

It was simply its over I have moved on and she spoke to me really cold.

She refused to see me or answer my calls - I emailed her all the time trying to get an explanation and the usual stuff to get her back she either ignored me or was very terse in her replies.

I left her alone and tried to get on with things - but in the last month she has emailed me several times and starts of ok asking how I am - but then always cuts me off

I eventually emailed her saying this wasn't fair and that she either wants to be friends or is there something more but either way she should just talk to me and tell what she wants - I haven't had a reply to this - what is going on - why does she treat me so bad
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any more views out there
My ex keeps contacting me.
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