Guys, help me with my ex?

well me and my ex broke up on Sunday. i said i was thinking about breaking up because of certain reasons, and he got completely heartbroken and just ended it. i explained i didn't mean i wanted to right then, just i made a mistake and was thinking he was drifting away. he started crying. then the next day he texts me and we kind of explain eachother again and he says he is willing to be friends then try again maybe in a year. he was being so polite

but then he saw me hanging with some of his guy friends that im also friends with and he got rlly upset and i texted him asking if he was okay but he didn't respond. then yesterday, we were all talking in a group but he got dead silent when they had me come in and then he texted me l8er to my surprise saying we should try to be friends for now just to avoid awk situations and that he'd be ready to really b friends in about a month.
I wanna get back together but i dont know what he wants texting me all this huff and acting strange when im around. i want to talk it out with him because i feel like perhaps he's afraid to talk to me full on.. i wanna ask him to dinner next week just to talk. help?


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  • You really shouldn't say break up when you don't mean it. You wounded him. Yes ask him to dinner and apologize.

  • then accept... and see if u can still b friends t least :-)

    • well im just wondering about his behavior, because right after the break up he's all sweet saying he wants to be friends but then gets awkward when im around and texts me and stuff

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