How do you get over something you've been trying so hard to for 3 years and overcome it?

I dated this guy when I was 14 and he was 17 and we had a long distance relationship but we both lied to eachother on who we really were and he broke up with me once he found out but he as well lied to me. We've never talked since but that relationship affected me so much since it was my first love and we dated for 7 months but we fought a lot and he hurt me by cheating on me several times. But now till this day we've never spoken since but I still can't seem to fully get over it sometimes I've noticed it affects the relationship I have now with this amazing guy but I try so hard and I just can't stop being paranoid and very jealous and get over it? And tips on what I should do?


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  • The story of my last year basically
    But know what?
    We don't need those mofos right

    You don't need someone who has cheated on you
    You'll find someone better just like i did

    • How did you fully get over it? Like should I text him and ask or what

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    • No I haven't because the guy I'm with now is so sweet

    • We've been together for over a year

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  • Get over it. Remember that this happened years ago. And you need to grow out of it. Just because it was your first love it doesn't mean it should be your only love or the center of your life. Stop living in the past or else you will let a lot of good things pass you by. The thing you need to realize is that both of you lied to each other, so basically you feel for what you thought he was and he fell for what he thought you were. That is not love. You don't lie to people you love. Also not to be rude or mean, just being blunt and honest, if you have to lie about who you are then maybe you should be focused on becoming what you want to be, instead of making up someone you think people or guys will like. Learn to love yourself first, lying about who you are does not show you love yourself. Get to know yourself, and learn what you want before you date someone else. Because until you do so you won't be happy and you will still "love" this person. Don't ruin yourself over something that was based off of lies.

    P. s I am not trying to be rude, just honest.


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  • You keep working until you get it.


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