Guys, My ex boyfriend feels like he can't trust me anymore?

I went into his Facebook account and deleted certain women from his page so he broke up with me
Guys, in honesty what I did was wrong and petty of me breaking into my ex boyfriend Facebook account and deleting female friends of his whom I don't trust. Do you guys think he'll ever forgive me and give our relationship another chance to work out some issue I may have with his female friends?


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  • I can be very infuriating sometimes to see your significant other harboring pictures of his exes online or in a place you are likely to see them. For some people, it doesn't bother them their SO has old pics of their old flames, but for others (many others) it's a bit hard to look at photos of someone you're in love with seemingly having special moments with someone else.

    Did you talk to him about those photographs prior to deleting them, or did you just get into his FB page and start axing away?

    Either way, getting into someone else's social media, email account and cell phone is a huge violation of their trust. I can understand why you did what you did, but I think it would have been a far better idea to have just asked him to get rid of them than to delete them yourself.

    Hopefully he'll cool off and you can explain you were just tired of seeing them. If he was telling you "Just don't look at my FB page" then he's an insensitive prick and you're better off.

    • Even if I did ask he probably block me from seeing it and I apologize for my behavior that wasn't good enough so he move on not really giving me a chance to redeem myself

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    • Okay I'm his girlfriend but he give them his time but not me. And they talk him on a sexual level thats why I did it I have a short tolerance

    • Okay, thank you for clarifying that for me. That's much different. If he's flirting to that level with other women not named you, then he's infuriated because he probably feels guilty.

      If he's being sexually suggestive with other women and didn't care they were on his FB page, then he's a fucking idiot and you're better off without him.

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  • If you go onto someone's online accounts and start deleting people because you don't trust him... yeah, that's valid reason to break up with someone.

    • I did it cause I don't trust them I do have trust issue but he's the first guy I could say I trust and then I did it to get his undivided attention

    • if you trusted him you would not have done what you did.

    • You right if I did trust him I wouldn't be in this situation it's like pulling teeth with him when I want to talk but when he ready to talk he expects me to answer him I just feel there's a lot of lacking in our communication which makes me feel alone

  • When that has happened, she liked someone else (a girl actually). The other girl was straight so my ex tried to come back to me like nothing happened.

    I'm not a plan B, I sent her packing right away.

  • You invaded his privacy. What's next? A rabbit in a pot of boiling water?
    To me it would be a definite violation of trust. I probably would've broke up with you too.

    • I do trust him I just don't trust his female friends cause they seem to have his attention so I did what I had to do to get his attention and yes I regret but I'm not going to continue to apologize for my first mistake out of our three year relationship

  • Well, you violated his space, you were immature. He may have been cheating - I don't know. Move on.


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