When your ex gets a girl/boyfriend with in a week after you broke up?

My confadance just went from 10 to a 0...

I usually don't care about this sort of stuff, but man this happened so quickly that I don't know how to react...

We broke up less then a month a go and he's already dating another girl while I am over here just looking at my options that I most likely won't ask out for at least another month or not at all.

What at would be a good confadance booster?

What do you do when this happens

would you rather be single? ( I am taking me time right now so I havnt really talked to many people.)

Though I like dating and going out.


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  • His meeting a woman HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU. Logically you must know this. Take an extreme example: you break up and a week later he is dating Mila Kunis. Do you feel like you have more value? Because he is dating a starlet?

    What if he was dating an 80 year old granny? Do you have less value because he picked... this... this hag?

    No, it all has nothing to do with you. Move on. Find someone you like. Forget his good or poor choices.

    • In most cases, a person is right to feel bad whenever an ex get's a new boy/girlfriend as soon as they break up.

      Think about it: How would you feel if right after your girlfriend, who supposedly loved you, broke up with you and then started dating someone else almost immediately? Would you not think "Did she not even care about us? About me?"?

Most Helpful Girl

  • Pretty sure that's his rebound. Ignore it. And move on. There is a reason for why you broke up. So find something else to focus on. Use your energy for something positive.


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  • Don't worry about it. He is trying to rebuild his ego. It's what guys do. Google it. It's pretty simple really. Guys and girls differ in how they deal with break ups and he is doing the standard thing. It has no reflection on you except he is hurt. He is trying to heal.


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  • It's a rebound, and is no reflection on you.


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