Guys, my boyfriend broke up with me a few days ago. He has my spare car and house keys. But hasn't returned them. why is he ignoring me?

I want to make it work with him. I love him. Do you think he's holding on to my car keys and house keys because he might want to work it out. I've called several times and sent several messages! No response.

  • He's not ready to let you go. He's wants to work it out
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  • He doesn't have his own car?

    • Yes he has his own car. But sometimes he would drive mine. So he ended up keeping the spare keys to my car.

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  • Don't try to get someone who breaks up with you back. If he keeps ignoring you send him a message you'll contact the police about him stealing your car. I'm pretty sure that's a felony offense.

  • oh jeez, be careful about it. that is an awfully bad combination for an ex to have.