My girlfriend broke up with me two weeks ago and I really miss her but we are really close friends and I miss her?

My girlfriend broke up with me and I've Been missing her she said she preferred it as friends but we talk everyday I'm missing her more and more everyday and when I talk to her I miss her even more?


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  • This isn't a question. These are statements that you stuck a question mark on the end of.

    Stop talking to her. She dumped you and you want to be more than friends (I'm assuming this since you said you talk every day and you miss her). She doesn't deserve to have you the way she wants, the way that she feels comfortable while you just get strung along and taken advantage of. That's what she's doing by keeping you as a friend when you want more than that.

    Do yourself a huge favor and rip the band-aid off now. Stop talking to her immediately and let her know it's not fair for you to just be her friend. Then, leave her alone and start moving on emotionally. It'll put you in a much better space, mentally.


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  • You have to accept her as a friend or explain to her how you're feeling and possibly distance yourself from her until you can handle being friends.

    Right now you will think that every girl you fall for is the love of your life... This is normal, BUT an illusion.

    You will have many great loves, each different yet just as amazing! There will be tons of girls and relationships... You'll love most... You will also get over it when it's over... You're young, move on to the next.. 👍🏻

    • It's easy saying that but it's hard to just stop talking it really is

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    • Exactly... There is always someone else... ALWAYS... And they are always better than the last because the last made you better...

    • It's weird to say I'm
      Kind of over it now lol thanks :)

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  • You have to act like a man here.

    You need to tell her that being friends with her is too hard because you still have feelings for her... that if she changes her mind, she can contact you... but till then it's over.

    You WALK AWAY and NEVER LOOK BACK at that point !! ...

    If she's still attracted to you, she will contact you in the next 2-3 weeks... if she doesn't then it's over.

    • I just can't do it it's really hard

  • oh well... maybe askin her 2 give u ANOTHER chance would be the best option for u boi 8)

    • Yeah but she said she preferred it as friends

    • If i was u id stay friends with her..: -)

    • Yeah I want to but it's hurting me

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