I sent a bitchy message to my boyfriend and dumped him.. was I over reacting?

I'm so tired of his fucking shit. The little things he does sets me off. Sometimes I think about what my mother says 'You know he's only 23.. he's still a kid' and I get it. But there's a weird connection that we have and he can be mature. The conversations we've had, him being my rock at times.. uplifting me and combine with that with years of history together. But anyway I'm pissed because he takes a long time to reply to my messages. He knows that I have trust issues with him and I have reasons. This isn't making things better.
I've been drinking wine and I felt emotional. I reflect on everything that has went on in our relationship.


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  • Everyone overreacts when they're upset. It's human nature. It obviously wasn't very cool to dump him through a text though. I think that you need to have a talk with him. Keep it cool. No arguing or cursing. Leaving relationships on good terms is always better for the mind, body and soul.


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  • You dumped him because he takes awhile to reply to your texts?

  • You dumped him because he takes awhile to reply to your texts?


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  • You sound like me.
    You love the guy and he isn't showing you the same back.
    Worst thing you can do is text anything else. Not even an apology.
    Wait for him to come back to you.
    This can take weeks by the way

    • If he was dumped, if he has any self respect, he won't be contacting her again..
      She has to reach out to him

    • All that contacting him will do is give him an even bigger ego boost whilst yours goes down the shitter! It's not worth it.
      If he's ok for the split I'd keep being split up

  • I think it's a bit rude to do that.


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