How do you give time to someone?

He broke up with me 2 months ago because, as he said, he needs to get his life in order. He has been going to the therapiyst for quite some time because he became anxious and antisocial regarding his jobless life. We were together for 3 years and our relationship was amazing; he was always excited and very much into me. He said he loved me and he proved it many times. But then he just stopped being as excited as before and broke up with me out of the blue. He wanted to stay friends and we did. After a month or so we talked about everything and he said he just wants us to go slow. He seems a little bit better now, he started sleeping normally and he is going back to university to finish his studies that he dropped few years ago. He still writes me calls me almost every day. I am usually not initiating anything, it's him who suggests doing something together and I always say yes. I love him and I really just want him to get better and be satisfied with his life. We are/were in a distant relationship and I was working hard to get this one job that I really want in his country (because my country is fucked up and I wanted to leave this place for so long). I have a brother in his city and I am going to visit him in June and my ex invited me to come visit him as well, and I agreed. The problem is that I don't how to give him time? Like what giving time actually means doing and for how long? Should I initiate texting or should I just let him do it first all the time? Or should I ignore him when he reaches out? Sometimes I want to ignore him even if I don't want to, just so he gets a hint that he can't have me whenever he wants. But then again I hate playing games and I feel like ignoring him is only gonna push him further away. I want him back, so don't tell me to move on. I know moving on would be the best solution but I am willingly refusing it, at least until we see each other.


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  • Start dating... You gave a two month head start...

    Men aren't that deep... I need time means he wants to see other people.

    You're worth dating... And more importantly, you're worth an honest answer.


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  • It's a line. Doesn't want you.

    • Exactly. Well said.

    • @yosimitesam i think he's trying to keep you around while he goes around and test out other people leaving you as some type of back up option but I can't say i know for sure because i dont know him i think y'all should talk it out and know for sure what his intentions are because you sound like a good person and you shouldn't have to wait forever

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