Do I have a chance of getting him back?

We were together for 3 years in a distant relationship and he broke up with me 2 months ago. We never fought and it wasn't a bad breakup. His reasons were that he doesn't want to travel anymore because he doesn't feel as excited about it as he used to be and that he needs some time to figure out what he wants. I asked him if there's a chance that he gets his desire back in the future and he said maybe but not in a near future. After he broke up I went a little bit psycho, changing my mind about staying in contact or not every day. I didn't know what I want, one day I would tell him it's fine, then I would tell him to never contact me again and then I would change my mind again and tell him it's fine. Now we are fine I guess. I don't initiate contact but he does, a lot. He writes me almost every day and he acts like nothing really happened. I am supposed to go visit my brother in June who lives in a same city as he does and he invited me to come visit him too. I went soft again a week ago and told him that I'm done with indecidions, that I don't want to try to be friends or try to ignore him or try to get him back, I want things to go naturally and I wanna be me as I always was, and what happens happens, but for now I'm here for him and I will give him as much time as I can. He said he bascially wants the same. Do you think there's a chance he will want to get back together once we actually see each other and talk properly? And what should I do with him until that, be cold or nice and suportive? I'm basically giving him deadline until June, but I haven't told him that. I can move on but I don't want to I just want to see him first.


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  • he is seeing you as an option and not a priority... if you do see him try very hard to control your self


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