Will my ex miss me if I disappeared from his life?

ever since we broke up few days ago , he told me he was loving me n another girl at the same time.. He even ask me if i could be his so called "love partner" where we can just chat like normal rs but not in a rs. We can meet like usual but can hug , touch or anything skin contact... He said he miss me but he doesn't wanna choose between me n "her"... I've been in hell ever since i started no contact rule with him for few days and im alrdy tired of suffering.. i admit i can't live without him... I was wondering if i disappeared from his life.. would he miss me n want me back?


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  • What? So you want to stop talking to him completely in hopes that he wants to get back together with you?

    He chose the other girl over you. You can try to wait around til they break up, but unless they don't work out, then he's already chose her over you. Ignoring him won't make him choose you again.

  • Him missing you won't change anything. You're in pain now and believe you can't live without him. But you can and it will make you a stronger person.


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