Why is my ex boyfriend so weird?

So in the beginning of our relationship it was awesome. My ex was very thoughtful,romantic and sweet. When I first met him I knew he smoked pot,but I never thought he was a pothead until later...Well after a few months go by we're both in love. I thought he was perfect for me. Well like 4 months into the relationship he tells me he's been thinking about stuff and that he might want to be single and having a girlfriend is annoying. He didn't want to break up with me because he wanted to work it out. Now this is a guy who smokes pot ALL the time,would rather play World of War Craft then hang out with me(I think he's addicted) and is a 23 year old custodian at the high school. He has a really bad temper and would always tease me and put me down. So, another couple months go by,everything seems fine,but he only wants to see me on Friday and Saturday. He works 2nd shift and gets off at 11 p.m. But he could've seen me in the mornings before he went to work! But no he'd rather be alone and play WoW. Well he then breaks up with me in like September saying that I'm a bitch,he wants to be alone and doesn't want a gf. Later that night he begs to go back out with me saying I'm his best friend and that he loves me so much. I took him back...stupid me! Well then a month later he breaks up with me for good. He said he's a guy who wants to be alone a lot. Now I know he never cheated on me. My question is why is he so weird?! He'd rather be alone then have an amazing girlfriend. I mean I'm very sweet,I was always there for him. But when he doesn't get his fix of weed he turns into such a jerk! Maybe I just fell for a pothead loser.

P.S. He has weird conspiracy thoughts,he's paranoid and thinks the government puts stuff in our milk to make people lactose intolerant. He's Coo-Coo!
Why is my ex boyfriend so weird?
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