Why is he such a dick? For no reason?

My ex boyfriend asked me to hangout. At first I didn't answer cause I know he's up to no good (Sex) then he offered to give me my stuff back. I said "sure you can drop it off" He said "All right, I'll be over around 6"

The next day comes and he's a no show. So the next day when Im at work. he texts me "I forgot to tell you I could not make it" Honestly I did not care what so ever, If I did I believe I would have texted him about his where abouts. I said "Thats cool, i was at the movies anyway" He said "Figures" I said" :)" I felt he was just trying to piss me off or just be an ass for no reason.

Then a few days later we were texting and he tells me he's at the movies. I said "With rick?" He didn't answerSo the next day were talking and he tells me " I was never at the movies with Rick, I just didn't feel like saying anything."

I siad "Cool" Cause I dont care who he dates I dont see why he feels the need to keep it a secret. Or even tell me about it


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  • It seems that no matter how much you say that you don't care it is bothering you that he is dating someone else... and or he hurt you in such a way that you haven't let go of what you had it angers you that you had something good and he screwed it up... there will o ly be one thing that would go wrong with the way you are acting... you will have someone approach you and like you for being you and you will shoot him down because your ex was an assh#@! But you will use things like you are not "emotionally" ready for a relationship that is the sign you have actually not moved on... In short this is going to only affect yourlife and no one eelse's there is a reason why he is an ex so keep it that way and go have some fun!!


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  • some people are just natural jerks.


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