How can I fix this?

Things haven't been easy with my boyfriend for awhile and he is extremely stubborn. On Friday night I finally snapped and texted him how frustrated I was that I got no recognition for doing so many things for him. He drunkenly called me 10 times that night (to which I didn't answer) and texted me "this needs to end. now.". Then the next day I received two more missed calls from him which I didn't answer.

Finally this morning I wrote him a very long, detailed, and sweet email about everything. It addressed things that needed to be fixed without accusing him of anything. I was really proud of it. He texted me back over an hour later saying "I got your message. I don't need for you to tell me how to live my life. I appreciate that you care, but this is too much and it's not fun. Sorry."

I have not responded and want to give him all of the space that he needs. Any advice for trying to get him back? I do really miss him! Thanks lovelies!


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  • This might not be fixable, sorry


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  • First of all, why did you ask him what needs to end? In your message, I cannot find the part where he addresses to "This needs to end. Now." Do you get what I am trying to say? Before I can give you any advice to get him back. :)

    • I think the "this needs to end" is in response to the relationship itself and not to what I said in particular. I had told him that I had done x y and z for him and he had done nothing in return. We were supposed to meet up to go out together that night but instead of telling me to come over or anything he refused to pick me up and then started drinking without me. At that point I was just so frustrated that I snapped.

    • Well, my only for you is you need to move on. Move on with another guy. I am being mean here. Based on your second response, he is just not a gentleman and doesn't know how to treat you. He is lack of responsibility. It seems like you have done more than what should have. Please don't respond to him or anything. I bet you couple days later without your attention he will get back at you. That is jerk life.

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  • You don't; he sounds like a prick. Value yourself enough to recognise when someone is not treating you right.

  • if you give him space he will come around.


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