Is my ex gf's rebound too good to be true?

We wanted a future together. We had names for our fictional children, and we told each other we loved one another. We were both insecure and so we stopped talking to each other, leaving the relationship unresolved. She's doesn't live near me so we spoke on facebook a lot.

Two years of no talking, none of us dated. It was like an eeriy stalemate. She lost contact with friends, as did I, we got on with our studies but it was so painful not speaking to her. My friend uploaded intimate photos of me with another girl (nothing sexual) and a few days later she's in a new relationship but she doesn't tell me. I only find out when this guy comes to visit her - he isn't attractive or like her or me at all. Having looked at his wall, she posted photos with I love you. She responds to every one of his responses with the same thing. It just seems to be the same thing. She kisses him in all the photos, and has even slept with him (not sexual) - i feel this relationship seems to perfect. And it is so similar to how we once were. I deleted her off facebook, but apparently she's spending the summer with him now.

It just seems so perfection. And as a male, I have no fucking clue whether she liked me over that time, or if it was a reaction to those photos being uploaded. He's ugly/from a different country/not going to college and yet she met him on facebook a few days after these photos were uploaded. I'm so confused I Just want to move on but I feel like I can't.
Can you women please help me understand the female psyche. I don't know if i made her jealous, or even if she cares at all. give me some signs..


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  • Possibly. doesn't sound realistic /:

    • She hasn't even contacted me or anything. I thought if she really valued a relationship she would have messaged me or something

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    • message me x

    • Can you message me as I am not a level 2 yet aha

  • Just cut her out man and stop thinking about this dude!

    • I was in love with her for 3 years, how easy do you think that kind of thing is?

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