Why do I feel guilty when my ex dumped me two years back an now has reached out to me again in need of support?

He ended it in 2013. We didn't really have a boyfriend an girlfriend type thing he says. As he never took me out or did any of the things relationships require.

He made out I was his girlfriend though an I met his family. He seemed a pretty messed up soul to be honest. No romance or care for me. I was caring, patient, too kind, generous, supportive etc. An he knew that but didn't appreciate me at the time.

He would make jokes about my clothes, make up. Get annoyed when I didn't feel like sex. Not visit me when it was long distance thing. Say he loved me when I don't think he truly did. Lie even after the relationship ended. I am a open person. Very honest an trustworthy but not perfect. Compared to him a saint.

I am almost angry an sickened that he gets to me an that I even feel sorry for the loser. In March he messages asking how I am. Saying am I over him, an reiterating it like I am not telling him truth an he's convinced he means something to me.

i made it clear no I don't or ever did love you. An yeah we didn't have a proper relationship. He was shocked an seemed to say little an little as it became clear I am over that part of my life.

At that time I was taken so I told him that. He was like oh you found love aye. Then I asked about him. He said yeah me an my girl are good, an said she's expecting his baby. I said oh ok when. He said July. His birthday month.

I didn't believe it. He then said so you not having one yet. It was like a competition an battle talking with him. In my eyes he is an unlovable type of guy. An I really think why did I ever go there.

After this talking in March after he messaged on Facebook. We stopped talking. Then few days ago he messages hey Shan just thought id say to you as I need someone to lean on an want to lean on to you but I know you hate me which I understand. Then another message read basically me an my chick broke up an I feel some type of wa


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  • Sounds like bullshit on his part. I think he's just trying to use you. I'm also not buying the break up, pregnancy, or the fact he needs someone to lean on. Sounds a bit too convenient, and it also sounds like an attempt at guilt-tripping you. Is this guy an addict by any chance? Also what type of support is he asking for, financial?

    • Yeah I believe it's all lies. He had a bad day an realised I was a good girlfriend. An he thought wonder if she will talk to me again as its been a while but you don't forget these things. Omg yeah I thought guilt tripping too. Like tugging on my heart to see if I will care but he don't deserve it ended up blocking him on Facebook. First time we got back in touch he wanted my number an to take me for a meal an that was when he said he had a pregnant girlfriend lol. An he was annoyed when I declined then 8 weeks later he saying this. Emotional support not financial

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    • @asker If I was you, I'd stay away from him. There are better guys out there, ones who won't play bullshit games with you.

    • He lives 5 hrs away not seen him in 2 years an don't intend to ever see him again

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  • OMG! Put on your running shoes girl. The guy is an emotional parasite.

    ~James Smith

  • gueess he wants u as a friend now... no?

  • I have no friggin idea why you feel guilt lmao.


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  • This sounds like a situation I was in, as far as the relationship. He hasn't reached out to me, it's only been a couple of months. If he did truly want my help, I'd help him. Only you can decide if you want to be there for him, or if he's just doing this to try to get back in with you. I wish you the best of luck. Take care of yourself first, always.

    • I think he is a compulsive liar an can't even say he wants me back so guilt trips instead an thank you

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