What did I do for him to be this way?

He left, said we could be friends and even said he hoped that this breakup wasn't his last chance then turned around and said we weren't friends when we got to talking about it. I asked If he found someone else and he said no but he would not reply to my other messages when I asked If he was for sure done so I said, "I love you but you made your choice." I don't know what happend.. I mean we argued sometimes but we we're practically perfect together.


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  • you broke up with him right?

    • No he left me

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    • Thank you! But I still don't understand why he doesn't even want to be friend. Would you know how to go about picking up the pieces between me and him or is it even worth my time?

    • He's probably interested in another girl right now.

      He doesn't want to be friends with you. He wants all or nothing, I'm sorry I don't think there's much you can do.

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  • It's not you, he's just a jerk.


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  • He will probably change his mind. He may have become interested in someone in a rebound sort of way. It won't last, and when it's over, he probably won't be that way.


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