Guys, why does my ex choose to be rude and disrespectful when we speak?

I recently made the decisions to really stop seeking any type of romantic relationship with him. Well since than I've been cordial and I'll respond wen he texts but I won't respond when he's rude or nasty. Why does he keep texting me? I am not leading him on at all... And when he's rude it's over stupid stuff (like arguing about my new dogs name, he became VERY upset I wouldn't put the name to a vote with him and his sisters-yes for real). Why is this happening. We dated for about 6 months...


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  • I think he's angry because you broke up with him or at least upset. So he does this.

    • It's stupid... And when we go out as a group (church events) he still tries to act like a couple but I won't have it. And he still does weird things like calling himself my dogs dad acting like she's his furbaby (I have had her for 6 years... We've known him for maybe 8 months)

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    • You keep firm in your decision and show him that it's over with words and actions. With the time he may understand it.

    • Hopefully so... Ugh I even prevent bringing my dogs around him because he starts acting like we are a family... And that's just not how it is.

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  • obviously he doesn't want to do anything wid u anymore i suppose... also 6 nths isn't a long time.. really :-)

    • I don't initiate conversation. I don't initiate interaction. So that would be correct but I'm not contacting him

  • Who broke up with who?


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