Ex from 7 years ago?

So I had a relationship with a guy 7 years ago. He loved me and I loved him but I was 19 and too young and I pretty much hurt him. I wasn't ready.
We had a lot of good times together.
Last year I contacted him and we had coffee. It was a bit awkward of course. Then yesterday we met up. He seemed really happy to see me. He spoke about all the good times we had..

We are going to meet up again for coffee soon. He was my best friend and apart of my life 10 years ago. He understood I was young.
Yesterday he kept talking about himself as though he was trying to impress me.
How long should I leave it to contact him to say hi via message and what can I say about our catch up.
What are the signs that he does like me again? I guess if you had the connection with someeone and do see them again then the connection comes back.


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  • I dont think thats a good idea.


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