My ex told me I don't make enough money for her future lifestyle?

I know for a fact she did love me even a month before this breakup. Wheb she asked for me back I rejected her I guess. She thought I had slept with someone a week after that. She said she felt used and regrets saying she loves me because she just got hurt so much. Anyways she was going to move out with me. She said.. I'm sorry but a cop just doesn't do it. This is her first year of school.. and she works at a restaurant.. Pulling in 72k a year at 22 isn't that bad in my opinion. she always talked about making a lot of money and becoming rich In the business world. And you know what she's got a full ride wish the best of luck to her. I just don't know if she meant it because or she was just so hurt and wanted to get some revenge.
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  • She was just hurt.

    • I'm at 50/50 right now. I just don't know if I can believe someone could mean that after everything. Then again I didn't believe she would ever end it.. she said this might sound shallow but.. I mean I really don't know

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  • Fu%k her and her fairytales!

    Firstly- women don't just come up with things... They use things that they have been thinking about and that really do bother them... Think strategy..

    Second- anyone that would knock your career and belittle your future is not a person you want to plan on having a future with.

    If money can influence the intensity of someone's love for you then you have to step back and think, do you want to be with someone that could be bought? Is real love worth sacrificing for instant gratification? Is judging someone based solely on their potential earnings something a decent person would do?

    If you answer honestly and can live with the truth... Rock on. Just don't waste your life. Money means nothing... Family, loyalty and friendships are the world.

    • Absolutley and I agree.. dude this girl I've never seen anything like it. either way if she ever tries to contact me again I will reject her for that reason. But I never showed her any compassion ever dude never complimented her. I'm not good at this stuff. She always complained she felt used. Then at the end she was forced to chose me over her parents/college ride. I definitely think she thought I was just going use her as a fck doll or somwthing. If she chose me she wouldn't have anything to fall back on.

      It hits a spot for me because I only have 2 years of education at 22 years old. I plan to go back in the fall but I didn't have the money to do that.. my parents couldn't help me I payed my first 2 years of school working fricken fast food.

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