Why does my ex bother replying to my harmless questions if he always says it's none of my business?

It doesn't matter what the question is, but he always responds with, "It's not really your business anyway". Well, if it's none of my business, then why doesn't he just block me or tell me to stop contacting him? :/


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  • Your attention is feeding his ego.
    Clearly, he has no genuine intention of actually having a productive, polite, courteous conversation with you. He gives you the same predictable, rude, careless response every time you attempt to spark a conversation. No offense girl, but honestly, you look desperate trying to talk to someone who's an ass to you like that.

    • I appreciate you being honest about this with me. I ask him if I annoy him with all the questioning, but he doesn't reply. I guess I am appearing desperate.

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    • Thanks for MHO :) How has everything been since your original post?

    • No problem. :) Same old, same old.. I asked him if I was officially dead to him, and he said no. He won't tell me why he says no though ha.

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  • That is a bit weird trying to get him to block you.

    • He's done it before, so I guess I'm wondering whether he'll go that far again.

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  • By saying its none of your buisness i think you should just get the idea that he doesn't want to talk to you why dont you block him and stop contacting him instead?

    • Just keep yourself occupied with something else instead... Maybe hell miss you being there lol

    • I'm trying, but my thoughts always go back to him.. Thank you for your help. (:

  • Just don't ask him anything then!

    • It's the only way I get a word out of him.. :(

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