Got back with ex after a month breakup but she acts distant now? is that normal? she says she does want to be with me and thats all she knows?

my girlfriend and i broke up. well she broke up with me a month ago. we had no contact because she was really pissed off. but now that we been talking she said her feelings for me are coming back.. and she asked me out again this Friday .. but she acts really distant with me.. is that normal when you JUST get back with an ex again?


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  • Is it normal for a relationship that didn't work out the first time to not work out the second time either? Yes, that's normal.

    • thats why we are both putting effort into it.. it was her choice to date me again

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    • Lol okay first of all you don't know my girlfriend or me at all. Your opinion is welcomed. But acting bitter isn't welcomed. Sorry you aren't a relationship expert. Not even they. Know exactly what's going to happen so please don't assume thanks

    • I'm not bitter at all; I already said that. If you don't want to hear the answer, don't ask the question. I'm moving on to other discussions now, since you obviously don't find my advice helpful. Good luck to you.

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  • She's being careful. That's my guess.

    • yeah i know because I've hurt her a lot and im changing my ways for her and she said she wants it to be like we are meeting again for the first time

    • Let her dictate where th relationship is going. Hang back, but don't be distance. Don't become clingy and annoying.

    • you are right :)

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  • It's normal.