How to get the love of my life back?

It's been almost a year that my ex left for private reasons. She now has another boyfriend and it's killing me not to have her, I seriously think she's the love of my life and want her back more than anything. I been so miserable since she left I just want her back. She is my everything, my happiness, my princess, the love of my life. How can I get her back?
thanks for your opinions everyone!


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  • If you need her to be happy, then you will never have her. Real happiness cannot come from anyone else but yourself. If you cannot be happy within yourself, then you cannot gain the courage and confidence to stand on your own. If you cannot take care of yourself, how can she trust you to be able to handle an equal share in a domestic partnership? You need to figure out what is missing inside of you, and balance yourself. Find inner peace and happiness. Only then will your inner light shine out the beacon of attraction for your perfect mate to find you.


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  • You're future has nothing new to offer so stop revisiting it! You couldn't force people to love you and want you back. Do the same, she has move on, so you should too.

    • What do you mean by my future has nothing new to offer?

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    • Your past* damit!

    • I think Gag should add an edit button haha.

  • Don't be that guy who wants a girl back once she's happy... Just let her be happy!!! It probably took her a long time to get over you and it looks like she finally did let her be. Maybe if her relationship doesn't work you can try but for her sake leave her be now don't make her choose


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