He forgave me do many times now I've messed up for real?

Guy I've known many years we were close
I've played games and did horrible horrible things to him, he always let me back into his life time after time. We finally started seeing each other and still I messed around mind games saying one thing then another and still he forgave and let me back in.

Now ow I've finally messed it up for real and he said I've gone too far !

I didn't even realise from his point of view wht doing , I'm wondering now if he did actually love me for letting me do all those things.

Do you think he will ever forgive me?

My last message to his was saying how I realised wht I had done and that I do love him but I'm letting him go. And I've cut contact.
Would you forgive? Will he come back?


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  • guess he won't forgive u forever... so at 1 point he might feel pissed :-)


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  • Aw poor me, I knowingly hurt this guy SOOOO many times! And now I'm sad that he finally wised up and cut me off :( Will I ever get my toy back?

    Grow up.


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  • simples, show you are diferent now, that you are more mature, that you dont need mind games, and be as clear as a mirror, it's your only chance to have him, it s to show him that games are history and you learn from mistakes, dont annoy him just show him you are diferent ;)


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