Girls, Getting over it all?

Warning: Will sound super nieve and dumb.

So nobody and I mean NOBODY has ever liked me. Let alone told me they loved me. Yeah that all happened about 2 weeks ago. I liked a guy, guy liked me, we told each other, we talked a little, and essentially the end. He wouldn't answer my texts. I asked him if he was okay and he said he was going through a rough patch. Whatever, I lived in denial but no worries I got what he was saying eventually.

I am worried about him. I'm super young and stupid, so leave that out while reprimanding me. I told him the other day that I know he doesn't want to hear from me but I am worried about him and he didn't reply.

This whole thing has me totally confused. He was the one that told me everything. I kind of told him stuff, but none of it as deep as him, and before you ask, I'm a "good kid" so nothing inappropriate happened or even asked.

There is a concert that he and I are going with a group for in August, there's about 20 of us going. I started to really like him the last time we were at a concert because he was standing behind me and my friend protecting us just in case things got out of control. Sweet guy, and it all happened from there. Debating on whether or not I should go. (They're the band that we kind of bonded over.)

Girls, please help... any insight? Please don't be jerks, I'm ready to jump off a cliff between this and other stuff.


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  • Before I answer, I just want to be clear...

    So, about two weeks ago, this guy told you he loved you? How long were you dating before this? And then after he told you he loved you, and you said you love him, he just dropped off the face of planet?

    • Yeah, we never really dated bc I'm not allowed to, but we've known each other for quite awhile. We still see each other at different events which he started coming to when I invited him, so I mean he still comes.

    • Yeah so, I know you don't want us to say anything about you being young, but really it's unavoidable :) You're not even allowed to date. And I know that your feelings for him are very real, and I'm sure he was feeling something for you, but just coming from experience, you have to be careful at your age (well, at ANY age really) to hear the word love coming from someone's mouth and believe it holds the same value to them as it does you to. Many times, unfortunately it doesn't. The only thing I can think is that since he is immature, he was caught up in a moment with you, said that and realized afterward maybe he went a little too far, or something. I do not think at ALL you should skip the concert. Sounds like you have a big enough group going, & you must NEVER stop your life because of a guy's silliness. EVER! Promise me you won't! :) You have absolutely no reason not to go be with your friends, although after the way he's been acting, wouldn't be surprised if he skips it... Good Luck!

    • I said I didn't want people to tell me I was young because some people can be real jerks, but it didn't even offend me when you said it haha. Thank you for knowing when to step over boundaries lol :)

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  • If a guy is going to be weird about liking you or you liking him or whatever, then he's not a nice person. Go to the bloody concert - you'll kick yourself forever if you don't go (especially if it's one of your favourite bands). It's not like you're going alone with him - there'll be other people to buffer the awkwardness.


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