Does my ex still like me? (Thanks for the help) does he still have feelings?

I saw my ex today who I am still in love with and I played it cool. He took me to our storage so I could grab something out for my work since he has the keys. And as soon as I got in the car I said hi and thank you and just sat there quietly and just twirled my hair and looked out the window. Something I normally do. And he kept turning to look at me every few minutes or less and kept looking at me. I just kept my gaze to the side and pretended to not notice... And then he finally said what's wrong and I said nothing and shrugged and just said I always play with my hair and he was like okay... And then kept looking at me... We got to storage and I went in and looked for what I needed and I thanked him again. Told him dotage would be cleaned out hopefully soon when since I am looking for my own place and he just kinda gave me the whoopie doo face and even did the twirl with his finger. car ride back I just asked a few things like how was work and he said good and he was on his phone typing stuff into maps so I said got plan after this and he said he's gonna go help a friend out at the stadium make some extra money and I said cool. And I said so you trying to get out of living on the couch at your friends and he said I sleep on an air mattress and I said I just meant like looking for a place so you have a room of your own and he said eh kinda. My dad is working and looking to see if he can help me get into one of the condos he does labor on. I said oh cool.

Then we pulled back into my house and he said well bye and I said ur not gonna ask me how I am? And he was like... How r u and I said good. Got a full time job with kids and I am excited and he said cool... And looked at me and then my house. I smiled and said I got it you got to go and he was like yea and laughed. So I said well I just wanted try to catch up on you a little bit since we don't talk or hang anymore. I was like you don't have to shut me out of your life completely and he shook
His head yes and I said why is it easier and he shook his head yes. I said we can still be friends we have bills and a dog and stuff together that you don't want to separate yet... We were friends before we dated we can be after. And he shrugged. And I said nothing happened between us today so we can hangout alone and be fine and he smirked at me. So I was like you dInternet have feeling for me anymore and he shook his head yes. I said cause you told me you didn't do we should t have a problem.
And he he shook his head yes. And I said so I was like I just am trying to make it civil and cool between us and being nice. And he was like okay. I was like well and he was like I gotta meet my friend he gets off at 5 and I still got things to do and I said okay well don't be a stranger and hopefully you hit me up and we can hangout and be normal...

Does he still have feelings for me? He broke up with me saying "he didn't feel the same about me anymore" I took it as he fell out of love


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  • People are different. He might need to shut you out in order to move on. If thats what he wants, of course.

    • Why won't he spilt stuff up though? I have litey asked to spilt up our bills and stuff in storage and he doesn't want to... Like if you wanna cut ties and break up then why keep things together that causes us to have to interact? Makes no sense. Like it feels like he just wants to do what he wants and come back later -_-

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    • Yea I totally get yours with fees of termination, but we don't have any of those issues. It just him not wanting to do it for some reason I may never know. I don't need him for closure, I just need him to let the ties be cut and to not hold me down. I need him to just let me fall. Why keep paying for me why help me? Like let me fall on my butt in a sense. You wanna move on and yes you care but still I've told him just to spilt it up cause it is going to hurt everyone more this way and no. I just want the situation to be solved and down with. Peace of mind and not stressed :/

      He sucks lol.

    • Just as an update I talk to him today in person and he wouldn't listen and said he didn't want to talk about it... And he said he isn't spilting it cause it's cheaper with discounts... -_-

      And I told him I did not care if it was cheaper we aren't together... So we don't need to have things together and said no I dot. Went to do it or talk about it and got mad. And I said well it isn't like we ever getting back together and he said you don't know that. I don't know. You never know...

      -_- kill me now lol

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  • I'm a little unclear about what you wrote here: "And I said nothing happened between us today so we can hangout alone and be fine and he smirked at me. So I was like you dInternet have feeling for me anymore and he shook his head yes."

    You said to him he doesn't have feelings for you anymore and he shook his head yes, as in, he was agreeing he doesn't have feelings for you anymore?

    • I said it's not like you have feelings for me anymore and he just looked at me and shook his head up and down.

      Sorry about typos lol.

      Nothing happened between us and in we can be alone and not be all over each other and want to be intimate or kiss.

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    • I shave said this what I want several time I say fine like lets spilt stuff up and be done. This issue is the car insurance is in his name. So I can't get myself off of it without him taking me off. And he pays for my insurance because I was let go and was looking for a new job and finally just landed one so he was helping me and it was appreciated but I told him even thou he is helping still spilt it and let me figure it and fall on my ass and he was like no. That's stupid. I was you have the keys to storage lets go through it and clean out. Eh shrugs shoulder. No need to. We have cell phones with no contract lets go to the place right now separate bills and the you don't have to help me with these anymore. He pays th storage cause I was not making money. I was late in paying phone bills which would get us late fees or turn on fees and still this man won't budge... I would. I do not want to pay Skye fees and help pay for someone anymore when I am not with them. Yes I care but I would

    • Be like giving u a week to figure out the insurance and taking you off. Corns out storage cause I spent want to have stuff kept together and pay for ur stuff to be I there anymore spilt it up. Let me figure it out where I want things to go. Like I don't want to enter a relationship and be like oh hold my ex and I are planning to meet cause she has to give me money for our bill... I would be like why do you have bills with you ex? If you are over them and want to be done then you would cut the ties. Like even if I don't pay it like he will pay it and still won't take me off. This is fustrating. It's like he doesn't want to fully let me go... It's like there are still the feelings and he does not want to let me move on cause he isn't sure he wants to not be able to change his mind and have me back -_-

  • it sounds like he does.

    • He broke up with me saying he just didn't feel the same about me anymore. He doesn't talk to me or anything. I wrote more to it if you wanted read that par that I added. I've been trying to just give him space and hoping it would help. And I've tried to just focus on me even though it's hard and I miss him all the time... And try to have fun and just get back to myself before I went through my rough patch with him where I was depressed and not me and made him feel miserable...

      I was hoping maybe space and seeing things on my Facebook about how good I am doing and I am just trying to live my life and how I am acting like myself again. I was hoping maybe he would see this and tell me he made a mistake eventually.. And if not then I was out having fun and trying to work on me and I would be fine even if he didn't

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