Ex didn't care?

i wasted 11 months on him and he didn't care about me and im really hurt and feel terrible, I feel like i could just end life today...10months suffering trying to get over him but he's probably really happy right now. I need help :(


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  • Did he break up with you or did u break up with him

    • well we kinda both did, then got things sorted out but at the end he left me

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    • I know it prly sounds like a broken record at this point but time will heal it. Seems like nothing will fix it but again you have to focus on yourself to heal. Look 3 years ahead of time. You'll be starting college moving out having the time of your life. And I'm willing to bet your going to meet another guy in between that time. I don't know if your sexually active yet and the topic makes me uncomftorable because of your age but don't make the mistake of sleeping around or be premiscuois. My girlfriend of 2 years did this around your agr and she really regretted it. Have respect for yourself and a guy will respect you back. Self improvement.. focus on that

    • Okay... nothing serious o. o

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  • 10 months, holy hell that's a long time. I'm sorry.

  • then u shouldn't care as well... it's pointless ;)


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