How to break emotional ties from a guy?

At the beginning of my last relationship, I promised a guy I would be loyal to him and I am loyal to a fault as in I wouldn't sleep around behind his back or talk to guys in similar manners, well he ended up cheating on me and long story short I pitched him out of my life cold turkey. I don't message him or talk but I do look at pics of him so what you see on the surface isn't me deep down, I feel like I can't date other people or sleep with him because he's still has a hold on me and doesn't know it. What can I do?


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  • Sounds like he's a scum. What he is-is a distraction. Here's what I suggest doing, replace this distraction with another distraction, like going to the gym or getting heavily invested into a hobby or talent. Rid yourself of any thought of him; get rid of his stuff, defriend him, etc. Then, give it some time and eventually you'll come completely to your senses and realize that you're better off without him.

    How hard is it to stay completely loyal with your partner nowadays? Seriously... :(


What Girls Said 1

  • You have to cut him off completely!


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