Why do I get so hurt?

We had just started dating, but had sex with each other the second time we met and right away I got more attached to him. When he then wrote and said that he wanted to take a break because he was depressed and couldn't handle a relationship I felt awful. Like really, really sad. Why can't I just shake it off? We had only met three times so we don't even know each other that well.


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  • Many of today's toms are sporadic, unpredictable and... grow cold duck feet when feeling scared or cornered into Thinking they have to do the Big "C" which Is----Commitment.
    In your case, when he sealed it with the Kiss of death on his part, he got a bit nervous that it meant being hooked at the hip and now, he has these lame duck excuses for wanting to back off and is calling this a... break.
    Shake it off here, dear. I just have given you the sure signs of a guy who couldn't handle not only 'Two times' but you also now know that Three strikes and he is out so move on... this bird is dead in the water.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you, sweetie, for allowing me to lend a helping hand... hoping you are feeling better. xx

    • Thank you for your kind words, they helped. xx

    • Oh, so welcome, and so glad for this. xx

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  • If his depression is genuine.
    This is definitely a valid excuse, especially if he is feeling low within himself

    • Yes, it's not that I don't believe him. I just don't understand why I get so hurt and so easily attached to someone so quickly. I wish I could have a thicker wall.

  • Hit and run...*a moment of silence please*


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