Please help me solve this break up situation?

Hi everyone,
Recently I've just been dumped. Its been a week now and i need some opinions on what his behaviour might be suggesting.
So he broke up with me because i was hurting him mentally because we fought quite often and he couldn't deal with it, he was already suicidal and felt he was going to hurt himself so he left.
about 3/4 days after that he commented "have anything you want to say before i block your last means of contact" and as i hadn't seen that message in time he replied with "I'm not talking to you ever again and we are never getting back together"
fast forward 2 or so days, i called him practically begging to get back together, he said he loved me but he needed to do this for his himself and blocked my number.
After that i adopted the 'no contact' rule and will continue to stick to it.
today (5 days after breakup) he messaged telling me he unblocked me on Facebook, i didn't reply and then he got angry again saying he won't talk to me ever again and I've screwed up my chance of being with him.
i think he wants me back he just doesn't know how to say it, or maybe he doesn't. I really hope you can give me your opinions
Thanks guys :) sorry its long, but I'm very appreciative of your time.
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  • I think this is over. It sucks that it had to go this way with all the blocking, but it sems this won't change and you should move on.

    That time when he unblocked you on facebook was probably because he was doubting his decision of breaking up. This doesn't mean he was was wrong for breaking up in the first place, but he just started to miss you. When you didn't reply, he got control of his feelings again and got back to blocking you.

    Now let me be frank, this was not a missed opportunity of getting back together with hm. Even if you did reply and you started talking again, it would not be the same as it was before the breakup. After a while, he would realize why he broke up again and all this would repeat.

    As some other said, stop with this and move on. it is for the best.


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What Guys Said 3

  • Sounds like mixed signals to me... he dumps you, blocks you on almost everything and then unblocks you only to get mad that you're not answering him.

    This really is game playing.

    I think you should be straight forward with him.

    You tell him that you still have feelings for him, want to get back together and that not knowing what he wants is really hurting you. If he wants you back, he should tell you and not let you hang like old clothes... if he doesn't you can finally just move on.

    That's what I'd do... because either way you've got nothing to lose.

  • Stop playing petty games, find someone else to date. Let the damaged kid heal.

  • It's over, just move on.


What Girls Said 3

  • Breaking up sucks, I'm sorry you're going through all of this emotional up and down with him. From your description, he sounds as though he cannot control his emotions in a healthy way. Yes, you both are young, but not all young people react to things the way he has. Honestly, it's 50/50 on whether you get back together, but I want to be honest with you - I hope you do not. I hope you can move on and concentrate on the things a young person should be concentrating on - school, activities and fun times with friends. Being a grown up sucks most of the time, and now is the time in your life when you shouldn't have to be dealing with a suicidal, emotionally volatile high school boyfriend. I wish you the best, take care!

  • Is there an option on the poll to just leave the situation? Find someone more stable.

  • He's immature as hell forget him


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