Guys would you say he wanted me back but couldn't say?

So me an ex dated 2013 , it wasn't a great relationship an was one sided if I am honest I did too much for him. He didn't appreciate me at all. He ended it saying he was working on rap career I know hilarious right. Still he didn't make charts. What a joke?

He he hurt me an said he had somebody else already immediately same day he ended it so made me think dirty scumbag cheat an then I thought yeah your not worth tears. Got over him an forgot the loser. He didn't take me out or do anything romantic. Would leave me at his house when he was pissed off I didn't want sex.

Then would say when he went clubbing girls want to bang him etc. He lives London I live in another city. He even made out we was not a couple.

When he ended it we stopped talking after he was horrible on Facebook rubbing salt to wound with oh I moved on.

So I dated three guys since. One a proper boyfriend. An then he inboxes on Facebook in March when I was with someone. I told him that. He seemed gutted but acted normal. I said how is his love life he said yeah me an my girl good she pregnant.

He was lying I knew straightaway as I know him an how everything is a competition he sees himself as better by making me think he is having a kid. Then says don't you want any yet etc.

Then he's saying am I over him etc I said yeah he seemed shocked but if he's so happy an settled he wouldn't be messaging me so I knew he was in a drought nobody wants him basically. But cus I said I am taken he had to say it to make his ego feel better.

This showed me he hasn't changed still immature and dishonest. All the things that made us not work was still there so I knew he was truly an idiot.

Then he asked for my number, an to go for a meal for old times sake. But why when we never did when we was something as he calls it.

Its like he almost thought he could have a second shot but the right way. Driving 5 h


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  • He didn't know what he had until it was gone

    • You think so. Do you think he lied about having a girlfriend an baby on way aha 😸

    • Possibly or he could have a baby on the way but lied about being happy

    • Yeah he lied about that as when I brought it up second time he contacted as I said focus on your baby. He didn't say anything to it. He is a compulsive liar lol

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