No contact and I think I made my ex leave me.

Does NC really work? I think I made my ex 'explore' the dating world and whatnot. I did NC for about a week and now he changed his online status to 'dating, relationship' etc. but a few days ago we were all I love you until I got mad at him and broke it off...

So the question is basically, was it a stupid idea of bringing NC and shutting him off (he was basically asking me back, etc. saying he was sorry) and now that I see THAT I am heartbroken.

I know people will say he's your ex, it's not meant to be... but I didn't know how much it would hurt. I been crying everyday and it made me cry when I saw that change enough to break that contact. (He doesn't know I read it though.) Do you think he really wanted to move on so quickly?

We have been an on and off relationship for a while because of problems he didn't change that I would not bring up (which was my problem). I regret doing NC because of that. I know it's only the internet but as we know, when people do that- other women start to jump at guys when they find out they're single... at least with my boyfriend girls are like that. =\

Should I just continue with NC and move on? I really am in love with him. I've been with him for 3 years but the last year was very shaky as my jealousy issue would get in the way (I guess I fell harder for him and I got insecure). I really wanted to give this another chance... I just don't know how to convince him that I'm serious because he might think I'm playing mind games since whenever I'm mad, I go silent and ignore him with the NC for a week or a few days until 'I'm ready'.

Anyway thanks for listening to my story because I have no one to talk to at the moment. I've become depressed throughout, although he doesn't really know that because when I'm around him I'm happy... and when we're not together I become insecure and sad. We don't get to spend so much time together because of our different schedules but when we do, I feel safe and happy. It would hurt for him to leave me but maybe he deserves someone who can tolerate him--- because he tolerates me better than I could with him.
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NC means No Contact.
No contact and I think I made my ex leave me.
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