Opinions about this brush off?

Well I know this is a bullshit excuse brushoff I received after 3 dates. I'm cool with that..
Just wondering if you guys think I have been put on the backburner?
Or just a complete loss of interest? Thanks

I am sorry, I got some news and I could not talk to anybody, I have been a bit of a hermit lately.. it's confusung and has made me question everything, so I don't know what I am doing with my life. It's an existential crisis moment. I am a bit of a confused mess and not a good person to date I am sorry.

I think I need to sort myself out before I see anyone. But you need to know how fabulous you are, wildly funny and an amazing person and I see a lovely lady in your near future... I truly mean these words, your fabulous..
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3rd date, I did have a panic attack... Don't ask


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  • Put on back burner

  • your lame af'

    • How so?

    • Be brutal, I need the negativity

    • You say i'm lame af because I am having problems dealing with a parent's death... Your a piece of shit

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