Was he cheating on me?

We've date for 2years and 4 months. at the beginning everything was going great! he was 15 and i was 18. then about a year after that , things has changed! He would start visiting his best chick friend, and he told me they will sit outside when hanging out, that turned out to be a lie! he would go to her house every second day during December holidays! never invited me with, and when i asked if i could join, he simply asked why, or he will say he'll be quick! my brother got seriously sick, he almost died, i asked my ex to go with me to the hosp to see my brother, he said its too cold he doesn't feel like driving on his bike. I told him my mom would pick us up and bring us back home... he still didn't want to , then 5 min after my mom picked me up, he texted me saying he is going over to her house, they r going yo hang out. I knew something wasn't right, but if i asked him he would say he has a life too and i can't tell him where to go etc .

Then one day he went to school and i saw his old memory card , so I've put it in my phone and i saw videos which he made, when he used his phone to look under girls dresses X-X uhm ya so i asked him about it and he got upset that i went through it! During exams we wouldn't see each other during the week, only on weekends, then EVERY day he went 2 his best friend (the girl) house and he would stay there till late. I asked him if he wants to come drink coffee (i live 4 houses from her) and he would say "no ill see u this weekend" . the one night i really needed him, and i asked if he could come over, he said he is already in bed, then 10 min after that he told me he is going for a drive... guess where 2!

i was never allowed to dance with any other guy, but he never wanted to dance with me, or go eat something or g anywhere with me!!!

now im asking you, do you think he was cheating on me?


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  • Without a doubt that shit was cheating.

  • For sure. If he was dating you then you're the most inportant girl in his life. Besides hun he's a little to youg. And i know "age doesn't matter" but honestly guys at age15 will cheat on their girl for anything. Find a nice mature guys


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