Ex girlfriend keeping tabs?

How do I know? Well a week after she told me she had no feelings for me, and wanted to be just friends she blocked me on facebook. I admit I keep tabs on her too but after 3 weeks of no contact I think she might be missing me. Its hard to really understand because yesterday she posted a photo of some dude on instagram as "man crush." We have a lot of mutual friends and you already know there's that one friend that is going to tell me. When I found out I was so mad but gave me the positive reason to move on. Couple hours later I noticed I was unblocked on facebook and still am today (maybe because the 48 hour rule on reblocking someone)

I don't know if this is to spite me because I have done nothing to her after the break up just no contact but I did notice there are still photos of us togther on her facebook and she's an active user. Im not keeping hope but it sounds to me like if I reacted and broke contact to tell her "Whats up with that photo of that dude?" I would show I have no self control. To me it sounds like a test but im not looking forward to it like I don't know anything whats her actions for doing that. Me thinking sounds like if I don't show any reaction she will miss me and she will break contact if she truley got those feelings back.


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  • If I were you, I'd have self control and not question her about it because honestly, you guys aren't together anymore so she can do what she wants. I know that's not what you want to hear but I think if you question her motives, it will only turn bitter between you two. Try to stay strong and avoid communication at all costs unless she purposely brings it up then you can ask her what's going on.


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  • photos don't mean much bro... anywa, at least it means she doesn't hate u ;)


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